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Applying to become a Nassau County Police Officer is the first step in what could become a long, rewarding, and lucrative career. The position is both physically and mentally demanding, so the department requires several components to be completed in the application process. These various components include written and physical exams and testing to evaluate whether candidates have the correct medical, mental, and character attributes to become successful police officers. 

The Initial Application for a Nassau County Police Officer

The first step in applying for a police officer role in Nassau County is to submit an initial application. You can find these applications online at the Nassau County State of New York website. Applicants must create a new account, submit the application, and pay an application fee. Applicants are then notified whether they have been approved, rejected, or conditionally approved. 

Conditional approval may result due to the fact that police officer exams occur every four to six years. This timeline depends on when the department’s list of successful candidates expires. It is important to regularly check the email you provide in your application, as you will be notified of upcoming exams for available positions.

Nassau County Police Department Written Exam

Once an applicant has been approved and a new exam scheduled, applicants must complete a written exam. This exam is mainly given in multiple-choice format and tests the applicants on various skills, including memory, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, math, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and other mental skills. For candidates to continue their application process, they must pass this test.

Nassau County Police Department Physical Exam

If the candidate has passed their written exam, they may proceed to a physical examination. Before beginning the physical examination, candidates must provide proof of medical clearance to participate in the physical exam. The Nassau Police Department physical exam consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a mile and a half run. Passing scores for each of these components are dependent on applicant age. Candidates must successfully pass all three sections to proceed with their application. Passing scores corresponding to candidate age can be found online at the Nassau County Civil Service Commission website. 


Once a candidate has passed their physical examination, they move on to medical and psychological screenings. These screenings are completed to ensure candidates have medical and psychological attributes suited to the role. 


Once a candidate has successfully filed their application, been approved, completed and passed their written and physical examinations, and completed and passed the medical and psychological screenings, they will be subsequently trained at the Police Academy located in Massapequa Park. 

How to Prepare for the Nassau County Police Department Exam

As mentioned above, there are a couple of exams that people that are interested in joining the police force need to be aware of. Much like exams that are commonly taken in schools, people that are going into the police academy need to study and prepare for these exams to be successful. There are two exams that people need to prepare for: the physical exam and the written exam. 

To prepare for the physical exam, our NYPD appeal lawyer recommends that you practice the exact skills that will be tested come exam day. This consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a mile-and-a-half run. So, candidates should make sure that they train so that they can easily do the aspects of the physical exam. It is also recommended that candidates eat healthily and cease habits that are detrimental to someone’s health like smoking and drinking. 

When it comes to the written exam, our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer recommends that you practice by using study guides or by practicing basic mathematics and language arts tests to prepare for your upcoming Nassau County employment. 

Nassau County Police Department Requirements

After passing the written and physical exams, candidates for this police department need to be deemed of sound mind and character. This means that they will have to undergo a series of examinations. The screening makes sure that the candidate has a solid character and psychological makeup to handle the stressors of police work. If the candidate is deemed unfit for police work based on these tests, it could be possible for them to be disqualified and unable to train with the police force. If you have been served a disqualification based on this, it may be time for you to consider hiring a police disqualification lawyer. 

How Long Does It Take To Become a Cop? 

The answer to this question varies depending on what police department you want to be a part of and how long your psychological and character screenings take. After getting all of this cleared up, you will need to undergo extensive training at the police academy. After undergoing these kinds of screenings, it will be necessary for these candidates to enter the police academy and begin the rest of their training. Our NYPD psychological disqualification appeal lawyer notes that it normally takes about 13-19 weeks of training and screening to become a police officer. This time frame could be either longer or shorter depending on their mental state and how they perform in the police academy. 

One of the most common roadblocks that candidates face includes facing a disqualification stemming from how they perform on their screenings and tests. Our experienced legal assistance helps current and potential candidates fight their disqualifications, whether they are medical, psychological, or based on their character. This could push the process’s time frame back but does not necessarily mean that they cannot achieve their goals. Our legal assistance was designed to be comprehensive and effective so that our clients get their careers back on track as soon as possible, whether this is the NYPD police academy or the Nassau County Police Department.  

More About Disqualification Appeals New York

If a candidate has failed their written exam or failed to complete their application correctly, they will not be permitted to continue their application. However, applicants that are informed of disqualifications due to medical, psychological, or physical reasonings do have an appeal process available to them. 

Our office specializes in legal assistance for candidates who have been wrongly disqualified as a result of medical, psychological, or physical screenings. Disqualification appeals attorney Robert B. Kronenberg has nearly two decades of experience in reversing disqualifications. If you or someone you know has been wrongfully disqualified from a law enforcement candidacy in New York City or Nassau County, contact us today. 

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