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A Look Into The NYPD Mounted Patrol

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The NYPD Mounted Patrol

If you live in New York City or have visited the Big Apple, you may have noticed that many mounted police officers patrol the city. While the sight of NYPD mounted patrol could be stunning, you may be wondering what the purpose of these police units is. As a legal practice that houses an experienced NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer, we could delve deeper into the history and purpose of mounted police officers and what use they bring to New York’s citizens and the police force. Continue reading below to learn more. 

The Purpose of Police Hoses in New York City 

In the 21st century, it may seem counterintuitive to still have horses patrolling the streets of a giant metropolis. However, police horses and NYPD mounted patrol serve many purposes that could only be achieved through the use of horses. 

One of the most useful facets of mounted police is the added strength they give to crowd control efforts. Crowd control is made easier with horses because of the added height they give to police officers. This allows them to get a bird’s eye view of the entire crowd so they could easily see what is going on and intervene accordingly. Also, our police disqualification attorney would like to point out that police horses are rather intimidating and could diverge a crowd if necessary. 

How Can I Work With New York City Police Horses? 

If you are interested in working with the NYPD mounted patrol, certain requirements must be met. First and foremost, you will need to apply to the police academy. Here, you run the risk of encountering an NYPD medical disqualification, NYPD character disqualification, or any other NYPD disqualification. Making sure that you contract a police disqualification attorney to help with your character disqualification appeals, NYPD psychological disqualification appeals, and medical disqualification appeals are paramount. 

After getting into the police academy, you must serve for at least three years on patrol to be considered for participation in the NYPD mounted patrol. After sending an application, you will most likely have to wait some time before getting an interview, as this is a very competitive position in the NYPD. 

After passing the interview and the ensuing physical test, it will be necessary to undergo an intensive three-month intensive training program. In this program, candidates will learn how to ride horses. Later, the police officer will be matched with a horse that is perfect for them to be used throughout their duties. 

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

We are a legal practice dedicated to helping NYPD candidates overcome their NYPD disqualification as they overcome this roadblock to achieving their dream of becoming police officers. Whether it’s with the mounted patrol or a regular unit of the police force, our disqualification appeal attorney is ready to help you today. Contact us today to learn more about how we could fight your NYPD proposed disqualification. 

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