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About the Emergency Services Unit

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About the NYPD Emergency Service Unit

Someone that is looking into joining the police force will be happy to learn that there are many special units that either support other NYPD units or perform duties that regular units do not. One of the most relevant ones is the NYPD emergency service unit. Members of this unit are trained to be proficient in multiple disciplines like police work, first aid, and rescue work. If you are interested in being part of the NYPD emergency service unit, Disqualification Appeals is here to detail what the ins and outs of this unit are. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Is a Police Emergency Service Unit? 

A police emergency service unit is one that provides support for regular police units by providing advanced equipment or expertise. This means that members of the service unit are specially trained to wield tools or handle special weapons that normal police officers do not. Recruitment to emergency service units is more geared toward high-performing members of the police force and those that have some experience in SWAT teams or counter-terror operations. Police officers in the NYPD need to understand that they need a minimum of 5 years in the department with a minimum annual rating of 3.5. Prospective members need to be approved by a group of current emergency service unit members. 

What Is the New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit Composed Of? 

The emergency services unit is composed of several different teams that have specialized roles within the police department. A list of the most relevant ones and a description of each are detailed below: 

Apprehension Tactical Team

The NYPD apprehension tactical team is a full-time unit that operates throughout the entirety of New York City. This team performs missions that mostly consist of high-profile or high-risk search warrants. NYPD’s apprehension tactical team is ranked among the best in the nation and performs around 1,000 missions a year. Members of this team also spend time training other units in firearms and tactical entries. 

NYPD Canine Unit

The canine team in the NYPD consists of 44 dogs that assist in searches for drugs, missing people, or criminals on the run. The NYPD Canine Unit is also used to search for dead bodies or missing items. The breeds include bloodhounds and German Shepherds.

NYPD Hazmat Unit

The NYPD hazmat unit is specially trained to investigate any threats related to chemical, biological, and nuclear incidents, packages, or threats. They often work in conjunction with the Bomb Squad on suspicious package calls. 

More About Disqualification Appeals

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