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About the NYPD Auxiliary Police

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It should be no secret to anyone that a police department like the NYPD needs as much support as it possibly can while it conducts its basic duties. Sometimes, the police count on civilian help for support. This is known as the auxiliary police. Auxiliary police are civilian volunteers who work alongside sworn police officers to provide support to the police department.

 These volunteers receive basic training and are given limited law enforcement powers, which vary depending on the jurisdiction. The duties of auxiliary police may include crowd control, traffic control, community outreach, and other tasks that free up sworn officers to focus on more serious crimes. If you would like to learn more about the NYPD auxiliary police, the offices of our NYPD appeal lawyer are here to help. What are auxiliary cops? Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Do NYC Auxiliary Police Do? 

Auxiliary police are often deployed during special events such as parades, festivals, and sports games, where they provide a visible presence and assist in keeping the crowds safe. They may also assist in search and rescue operations, natural disasters, and other emergency situations. While they are not paid, NYPD auxiliary police receive benefits like free training, uniforms, and equipment. Joining the auxiliary police can be a great way for individuals to give back to their community and gain valuable experience in law enforcement. This experience in law enforcement could be a great way for candidates of the NYPD to make their application more competitive and could even lessen the chance of them receiving an NYPD notice of proposed disqualification.

Do Auxiliary Police Get Paid? 

As mentioned above, auxiliary police do not get paid.  Auxiliary police are generally not paid for their services. They are volunteers who work alongside sworn police officers to provide support to the police department. Instead, many volunteers are motivated by a desire to serve their community and gain valuable experience in law enforcement. Some auxiliary police programs may offer small stipends or reimbursements for certain expenses, but these are typically modest and are not intended to replace a regular salary. In the case of the NYPD, many people who want to join the police force join the auxiliary force before they apply for the academy. 

How to Become an Auxiliary Police Officer

The offices of our NYPD disqualification lawyer would like to point out that to become an auxiliary police officer, you will need to undergo an extensive training course. As part of the auxiliary police training course, candidates are trained in self-defense tactics, CPR and first aid, patrol techniques, the New York State Penal Law, and much more. A written and physical exam is given at the end of training.

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