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About the NYPD Helicopter Unit

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Helicopters are used in police forces for a variety of reasons. One of the main advantages of helicopters is their ability to quickly respond to emergencies and provide aerial surveillance during high-speed chases or search and rescue operations. Helicopters can fly at high speeds and can cover a large area quickly, making them ideal for tracking suspects or searching for missing persons.

In addition, helicopters can provide police officers with a unique perspective of the situation on the ground, allowing them to quickly assess the situation and make informed decisions about how to respond. They can also transport personnel and equipment to remote or difficult-to-reach areas, such as disaster zones or mountainous terrain. If you would like to join the NYPD and be a part of the helicopter unit, the offices of our experienced NYPD appeal lawyer explain more below. 

What Does the NYPD Helicopter Fleet Do? 

Our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer would like to point out that there are many reasons why a police force like the NYPD would choose to have a helicopter unit. The NYPD helicopter unit serves a variety of important functions, such as patrol and surveillance, search and rescue, traffic control, and counterterrorism. Equipped with advanced technology, the helicopters provide an aerial view of situations, which allows the department to monitor crowds, track suspects, and respond to emergency situations. 

In addition, the thermal imaging cameras on the helicopters can detect body heat in low-light conditions, making them invaluable for search and rescue operations. By helping to manage traffic during major events or accidents, the helicopters improve safety on the streets. The helicopters are a critical component of the department’s counterterrorism efforts, enabling the department to monitor potential threats and respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.

How Many Helicopters Does the NYPD Have? 

Thanks to being a police department that has an extensive history, the NYPD has flown many different helicopters and airplanes in its history. However, as of 2015, there are 8 different helicopters that the NYPD uses. These are the following: 

  • Bell 407 Helicopter
  • Bell 412EP Helicopter
  • Bell 429 GlobalRanger Helicopter

In addition to these helicopters, the NYPD helicopter unit has recently added a new one as of July 2022. The new helicopter added to the fleet is the new Subaru Bell 412EPX. This helicopter possesses an increased maximum internal weight of 12,200 pounds, an eternal weight of 13,000 pounds, and can sling up to 5,000 pounds of goods with a cargo hook. The maximum useful internal load is 5,385 pounds.

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