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About the NYPD Motorcycle Unit

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The New York City Police department has many vehicles at its disposal. Motorcycles are one of the most common vehicles that the police department uses. Motorcycles are used by the highway patrol unit because of their speed and maneuverability. Vehicles like motorcycles are extremely important for the duties that the highway police conduct because they allow for increased agility when pursuing people or performing regular duties. Those that want to learn more about police motorcycles, or specifically the kinds of motorcycles that the NYPD uses, will find the article written by our NYPD disqualification appeals legal practice useful. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Does the NYPD Highway Patrol Do? 

The NYPD highway patrol is responsible for making sure that the transit systems that operate in and out of New York City are secure for people that are using them. They are primarily focused and responsible for patrolling the traffic that occurs on limited-access highways within New York City. Aside from their primary duties, the Highway Patrol is also responsible for speed enforcement, field sobriety testing, parade escorts, hazardous material transportation, keeping drag racing at bay, and controlling anti-terrorist checkpoints throughout the city. Their inclusion in the police department is especially important to the safety of the citizens and visitors of New York City. 

What NYPD Motorcycles Are Used in the Highway Patrol? 

As mentioned above, the highway patrol is responsible for surveillance of the highways that New York City has. Since it is essential for the Highway Patrol to use speedy and effective vehicles, motorcycles are obviously used for these purposes. Like its cars, the NYPD is invested in having top-performing motorcycles in its fleet. Namely, the Highway Patrol motorcycle that is used is the Harley-Davidson Road Kings. These motorcycles give the perfect amount of fuel efficiency and speed that is needed to perform the most basic functions of the Highway Patrol. These are also used when escorting national or foreign dignitaries to New York or when other functions are happening, such as the Macy’s Day Parade. 

What Is the Auxiliary New York Highway Patrol? 

The auxiliary highway patrol is a volunteer unit of the Highway Patrol and NYPD motorcycle unit that assists the regular unit with their regular duties. These officers are equipped with gear like handcuffs, batons, whistles, and even police radios. These volunteers are not paid and are denoted as auxiliary workers that assist the main unit. To join this unit, you must pass a 16-week auxiliary police basic training course. During training, these auxiliary officers are required to train in penal law, radio use, and unarmed self-defense. At the end of this training, candidates must pass a written and physical examination. To be considered for this position, candidates must have five years of experience with the NYPD auxiliary police. 

More About Disqualification Appeals 

There is nothing that our offices understand more than the NYPD and all of its facets. We are happy to give this information to people that are interested in joining the police force because it gives a more detailed outlook on the type of career that you can expect from joining this police force. One of the aspects of the NYPD that is most attractive to candidates is the fact that there are plenty of opportunities for police work that are more conducive to someone’s passions or sensibilities. Aside from this, the police force offers plenty of opportunities for advancement. 

We are a legal practice that is dedicated to helping people who are looking to become NYPD candidates attain the career that they want. No matter which facet of the NYPD that our customers want to join, we can assist them if they have been served an NYPD-proposed disqualification. The most common NYPD disqualifications are psychological, medical, and character disqualifications. While it may seem like a huge blow to someone’s possibility of becoming a police officer, these are not impossible to overcome. Our NYPD medical disqualifications appeals, NYPD psychological disqualifications appeals, and NYPD characters disqualifications appeals services are important for people in these situations. If you find yourself needing to fight these disqualifications, there is no better legal service than our offices. Contact us today to learn more about the NYPD motorcycle unit or appeal a psychological disqualification today.

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