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Can Autism Disqualify a Police Candidate?

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Can You Become a Police Officer With Autism? 

Since police work is an exciting career, especially for those that wish to join the largest police force in the United States, many candidates that are on the spectrum or suffer from Aspergers or other forms of autism. If you are wondering if you could be part of the police force after being diagnosed with this disorder, our NYPD disqualification lawyer is here to answer your questions. Our legal office has plenty of experience with the NYPD, and we could answer questions regarding the bar for entry and the competitiveness of an application. Continue reading below to learn more about becoming a police officer with autism. 

Can Someone With Autism Be a Police Officer? 

Someone with autism is less likely to become a police officer than someone not diagnosed with the disease. Since no two autism diagnoses are the same, this is largely a case-by-case basis. Some autism diagnoses come with varying difficulty when it comes to socializing or solving problems, and this could greatly inhibit an applicant’s ability to perform their duties correctly. The degree to which autism can impact the competitiveness of an application is largely left to the police force. That is why it is important to be well-acquainted with the different kinds of NYPD disqualifications that could arise for a candidate. These include NYPD character disqualifications, medical disqualifications, and psychological disqualifications. Fighting these after receiving your NYPD proposed disqualification often requires that you count on the assistance of police disqualification attorneys. 

Aspergers and Becoming a Police Officer 

If you are diagnosed with Aspergers, you could still become a police officer. There are many different aspects of the job that could appeal to someone with autism. These include the attention to detail required for solving certain cases. Since a large part of the difficulty associated with autism is related to socializing and interacting with other people, candidates with this condition should consider more “background” roles like being a lab technician. 

More About Disqualification Appeals New York 

We are a legal practice dedicated to helping our clients realize their dream of becoming NYPD police officers. We help them by making sure that they present their character disqualification appeals, psychological disqualification appeals, and medical disqualification appeals correctly. Whether you like our resources that detail what the possibilities are for becoming a police officer with autism or if you would like to learn more about your NYPD candidacy, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more. 

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