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Can I Become a Police Officer With a Misdemeanor?

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Most police academies will have stringent rules and regulations when it comes to the people that they choose to hire. Some of the candidates that the police academy looks through will have some kind of misdemeanor that raises some alarms. Since police officers hold such authority and power in society, it is only natural that academies and departments hold high standards for their employees. Can I become a police officer with a misdemeanor? Our police disqualification lawyer answers the question in the following article. Continue reading below to learn more.

What Misdemeanors Disqualify You From Being a Police Officer? 

The character background check for aspiring police officers includes a thorough examination of an applicant’s criminal history, and misdemeanors can have a significant impact on your eligibility. Understanding which misdemeanors may disqualify you is essential for those seeking a career in law enforcement. The reason that misdemeanors are taken seriously by law enforcement officers is that these crimes are somewhat related to dishonesty, such as theft, embezzlement, or fraud, which often lead to disqualification. These offenses can erode trust and integrity, qualities paramount in police work. 

Another kind of misdemeanor that could jeopardize a candidate is any kind of crime related to reckless endangerment. Misdemeanors involving reckless endangerment of others, such as reckless driving or endangering a child’s welfare, can be disqualifying due to concerns about judgment and public safety. Our NYPD disqualification lawyer takes a closer look in the following paragraphs. 

Can You Be a Cop With a Class C Misdemeanor? 

Class C misdemeanors are the least severe category of misdemeanors, typically involving minor infractions. While the implications can vary by jurisdiction and department, it is possible for individuals with Class C misdemeanors to become police officers. However, whether a Class C misdemeanor disqualifies you from becoming a police officer depends on several factors, including the nature and number of offenses, the department’s specific requirements, and your overall character and suitability for the role. Honesty and transparency are crucial during the application process, as attempting to conceal or downplay your criminal history can be more detrimental than the misdemeanor itself. You should make sure to consult the services of a legal expert like Robert B Kronenberg ESQ to help you understand this topic as much as possible. 

Can You Be a Cop With a Misdemeanor Drug Charge? 

When it comes to misdemeanor charges, drug-related ones are taken more seriously than others. Misdemeanor drug charges typically involve offenses like possession of a small amount of a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia. The NYPD is stringent on drug charges, so this kind of misdemeanor is more likely to cause problems for applicants. In fact, a positive drug test is one of the most common police medical exam disqualifiers. 

More About Disqualification Appeals

Can I become a police officer with a misdemeanor conviction? Our psychological disqualification appeals and medical disqualification appeals legal office hopes to have answered your question. We have extensive experience in this topic and we hope that we have transferred some expertise to as many prospective applicants as possible. Contact us today to learn more from our professionals. 

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