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Can I Join the Police With a Green Card in the NYPD?

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Can I Join The Police with a Green Card? 

The United States is a country that experiences plenty of immigration, and many of them ask themselves: can I join the police with a green card? Most police departments have citizenship status as an important part of the application process, and the NYPD is no different. In the following article, our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer answers the question that concerns many immigrants that want to join the NYPD. Continue reading below to learn more. 

Do You Need Citizenship to Become a Police Officer in the NYPD? 

The NYPD requires that applicants be US citizens at the time of appointment to be a member of the force. Green card holders would need to finalize their status as citizens if they wish to achieve their goal. However, just because the NYPD does not allow people who are not citizens to join the police force, does not mean that they could not become officers in other jurisdictions. 

Can A Permanent Resident Become a Police Officer? 

Even though this stage of the immigration process is more advanced than a green card, permanent residents cannot be police officers in the NYPD. Permanent residents need to accomplish full citizenship before they can become members of the NYPD. However, you are allowed to undergo the application process before you become a citizen if you are going to become one at the time of your appointment. 

What Other Obstacles do Candidates Have to Overcome to Become Police Officers? 

Aside from obtaining the correct citizenship status, NYPD candidates must make sure that their application process goes smoothly. Candidates commonly have to deal with NYPD psychological disqualifications, medical disqualifications, and other kinds of NYPD disqualifications. These could arise from a perceived flaw in character or psychological makeup and later pass an NYPD exam. 

More About our NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

Aside from answering a question related to the NYPD like: can I join the police with a green card? We offer much more help to candidates. Our legal practice helps candidates fight their NYPD proposed disqualifications so they could achieve their goal of becoming NYPD police officers. Contact us today to learn more about our psychological, character, and medical disqualification appeals

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