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Can Police Officers Drink Alcohol?

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It is common knowledge that police officers need to uphold the highest standards of conduct. Since they are supposed to be a form of guardians of societal standards, police officers cannot act unruly. They must always be on their best behavior. One of the things that they have to keep in mind is the fact that they cannot be intoxicated while working. This means that they should not be under the influence of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or others. In fact, police departments usually drug test members of their police force to ensure that they are not consuming drugs like these, even off the clock. But can police officers drink alcohol off the clock? Disqualification Appeals and our NYPD disqualification lawyer answer this question and others in the following article. 

Is Drinking in Uniform Allowed? 

When a police officer puts their uniform on, their behavior and mannerism reflect their place in society and in the police department that has given them employment. A police department as storied and historic as the NYPD merits that its members look to be on their best behavior at all times. In other words, NYPD police officers need to be conscious of the fact that the reputation of the police department is in their hands.


Can police officers drink alcohol in uniform? The answer is that while it is not illegal, police officers should be keen to abstain from drinking in public while in uniform because it could reflect poorly on the police department. Technically, police officers could drink in uniform in the privacy of their own homes. Drinking in uniform is not advisable, especially for new recruits, because they need to impress their superiors and be on their best behavior. 

Is There a Lot of Alcohol Abuse Among Police Officers?  

Police work can be a stressful job. Many police officers look for different outlets to relieve this stress. While there are many healthy ways to release stress from police work, it is common for people with stressful and demanding positions to turn to alcohol to relieve it. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse is a rather common thing among police officers. This does not mean that becoming a police officer is doomed to a life of addiction. In fact, there are many healthy outlets for police officers to enjoy. While it is completely normal and healthy to enjoy alcohol as a police officer, it is important to make sure that this does not become an unhealthy or uncontrollable habit. 

NYPD Alcohol Use

As mentioned above, alcohol use is rather common among police officers because of the stress and pressure of the job. The risk for alcohol abuse is even more pronounced when you take into consideration that a police department as large as the NYPD is bound to have more responsibilities and pressures, which could lead to more drinking. In addition, with a job as demanding as the NYPD, it is vital to keep activities like drinking and gambling as private as possible. 

More About Disqualification Appeals 

Can police officers drink alcohol? The answer depends almost entirely on the situation. Disqualification Appeals is a legal service that is here to help our clients that are struggling with disqualifications from the police department get the help that they need. Often, people run into obstacles when they need help with their careers. In the NYPD, this comes in the form of an NYPD medical disqualification, NYPD psychological disqualification, and NYPD character disqualification. Contact us today to learn more about appealing a psychological disqualification or how to fight an NYPD proposed disqualification.

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