Can You Be a Cop With Depression?

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While police officers hold an important function in society, they are human beings just like everyone else. This means that they could catch colds, go through heartbreaks, and even go through periods of depression and anxiety. It is no secret that police officers need to have a level head to conduct their jobs professionally, even if they are dealing with a depressive episode. For those that are interested in joining the police academy and are actively dealing with depression, you may be asking yourself whether it is okay to be a cop with depression. Our NYPD disqualification legal practice explores this question further in the article below. 

Can You Be a Police Officer With Depression? 

Police officers have stressful jobs. This means that it is common for them to undergo periods where they are feeling under the weather or more depressed than usual. This kind of reaction to stressful jobs is completely normal and even somewhat expected. Can you be a cop with depression? The answer is yes, as long as you remember to search for health outlets and treatment for your specific case. To illustrate, it may be possible for police officers to treat depression and other mental health issues outside of work or during it using certain meditative practices or tools. Our NYPD medical disqualifications practice would like to point out that there are many reasons why you should consider getting treatment for your depression, especially if you want to avoid an NYPD psychological disqualification. Psychological disqualifications are a popular roadblock that many NYPD candidates face when they are first applying to become police officers. If it is deemed that your depression is too much of an obstacle for future police work, you may be served an NYPD proposed disqualification and may consequently need the assistance of a qualified lawyer. Our legal professionals are here to help if this is your case. 

Can Cops Be On Antidepressants? 

Yes, in most police departments, you will be allowed to be on antidepressants if it could be proven that they are completely necessary for completing your job responsibilities effectively. However, it will be necessary for you to disclose if you are on medications like antidepressants during the time that you are applying to the police force. Not doing so could result in a disqualification. Police searches for new applicants go rather deep, and the police force will find out everything that they need to. This is a similar answer to those that wonder whether you can be a police officer with anxiety.

More About Disqualification Appeals

We are a legal practice that is dedicated to making sure that our clients are well-represented should they be served with an NYPD medical disqualification, NYPD psychological disqualification, or NYPD character disqualification. We are proud to make the police force that we love stronger by hiring qualified candidates that have been initially served with a disqualification. Contact us today to learn more about appealing a psychological disqualification or our other services.

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