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Can You Become a Police Officer if You are Overweight?

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What Are The NYPD Weight Requirements? 

One of the most common questions that someone interested in joining the NYPD asks themselves if there are any weight requirements to joining the police force. Since physical fitness is such an important part of the job, this is one of the standards that the NYPD tests for during the application and training process. Your weight may be one of the most important factors determining your status as a police officer or detective. To learn more about NYPD weight requirements, read this blog from the offices of our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer. 

Your Weight and the NYPD Physical Fitness Requirements 

One of the most critical parts of the application process is the physical ability test that you will have to undergo. While there are no official NYPD weight requirements, you have to pass a physical exam consisting of many different tests of your physical endurance. That includes a barrier surmount, stair climb, physical restraint simulation, pursuit run, victim rescue, and trigger pull drill. If you are significantly overweight, completing these drills may be more difficult than if you are normal weight or just a little overweight. 

How Does Your Weight Influence NYPD Physical Requirements? 

Being overweight makes your possibilities of passing the physical exam significantly lower. Also, being overweight could lead to other physical and health conditions that could lead to a medical disqualification, which will require a medical disqualification appeal. That includes many heart conditions and conditions like diabetes that influence your overall health. To pass the physical NYPD exam while being overweight, it would be necessary to exercise and practice as often as possible so you could complete the previously mentioned physical tests. 

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

Aside from detailing what the NYPD weight requirements are, our legal practice helps prospective members of the NYPD fight their disqualifications so that they have a higher chance of joining the police force one day. There are three types of NYPD disqualifications that candidates usually experience; medical, NYPD psychological disqualifications, and character disqualifications. If you have received your NYPD proposed disqualification notice, it may be time to consider psychological disqualification appeal, medical disqualification appeal, or character disqualification appeal contact us today. 

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