Career Advancements in the NYPD

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A career with the New York Police Department is a well-respected and noble profession. Due to the risks of its employees’ jobs and the expected commitment, the NYPD offers various career advancement opportunities to all of its employees. 


Disqualifications attorney Robert B. Kronenberg, having been an NYPD Police Captain, has experienced the career growth available at the NYPD.  

Salary Growth Over Time for NYPD Officers

The starting salary for an NYPD Officer begins at $42,500. In addition, officers receive numerous benefits, including financial, medical, and education. These benefits, of course, add more value to the salary. 


The salary itself, however, has considerable growth potential. After five and a half years of working with the NYPD, the $42,500 salary more than doubles to $85,200. Officers’ salaries can increase to $100,000 depending on holiday hours, overtime, longevity pay, and compensation for night differential hours. 

Promotional Opportunities for NYPD Officers

The NYPD offers various continuous exams for its officers designed to test employees for promotional opportunities. These opportunities include promotion to the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.


NYPD Sergeant

Becoming an NYPD Sergeant is a promotional path for some police officers. The position requires more responsibility, and as a result, offers more pay. NYPD Sergeant’s earn a $105,346 salary.


NYPD Lieutenant

If a sergeant shows promise and does well in promotional exams, they might be considered for the role of an NYPD Lieutenant. As with a sergeant, this position calls for greater responsibility, with an increased estimated salary of $117,090.


NYPD Captain

Stellar sergeants and lieutenants have the possibility of being promoted to NYPD Captain. As the role of captain requires great skill and extreme responsibility, it comes with a substantial pay increase. The base salary for an NYPD Captain begins at an estimated $163,631 and can increase to $208,446.


There are, of course, additional benefits that accompany these roles; however, one can see the opportunity for career growth in both workload and compensation. Not all police officers will qualify to fill these roles, as positions are limited, but know that the NYPD considers all police officers eligible for promotions based on performance and exams.

Retirement Options for NYPD Officers

The NYPD rewards its department members who show loyalty and dedicated service. Officers are given the option of retiring after 22 years of service, at which point they can receive a retirement stipend of half their current salary. This retirement option is on top of the 401K, I.R.A., and deferred compensation plans offered to officers. 


Appealing Disqualifications

As you can see, there are numerous benefits and career advancements that come with joining the NYPD. If at any point during the application process you are notified that your application has been disqualified due to medical, character, or psychological reasons, there are steps you can take to appeal these decisions. Our office specializes in medical disqualification appeals, character disqualification appeals, and psychological disqualification appeals to ensure candidates are not incorrectly removed from consideration. Contact us today for representation with NYPD and Nassau County Police Department disqualification appeals. 


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