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Dating a Police Officer

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What Are the Struggles of Dating a Police Officer? 

There are many reasons why someone that is dating a police officer would notice that there are certain struggles associated with it. Whether it’s the long hours, demanding work, or stress associated with the job, there are many reasons why someone would have an especially difficult time maintaining a relationship with police officers.

What are the struggles of dating a police officer? Below, our NYPD disqualification appeals lawyer takes a deeper look into what someone can expect when they start dating a police officer. Continue reading for more from our disqualification appeals attorney. 

What Are Common Police Officer Marriage Issues? 

Some of the most common issues associated with police officers in marriage involve the long hours that accompany police work. One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is spending time with one another. Since police officers work such odd hours, it could be difficult to spend quality time with each other. This is why it is important for officers to make enough time for their significant other and their children whenever they can. 

Another aspect of dating and getting into relationships with police officers is the fact that their job is inherently dangerous. This could cause a great deal of stress in a married couple, especially if a police officer’s jurisdiction is in a particularly dangerous area. When combined with the long stretches of time that they are not home, this could be a great source of anxiety for the married couple. 

Other Problems With Marrying a Police Officer 

There are other problems associated with marrying a police officer that goes beyond those that were previously mentioned. One of the most common is the fact that police officers are more stressed than the average citizen. Our psychological disqualification appeals lawyer notes that police officers carry a burden and responsibility on their shoulders that is rarely seen from people that have other jobs. This stress could easily carry over into other areas of the marriage, which could cause fights and other disagreements. When it comes to being married and having children, having a partner that is extremely stressed out is not optimal.

What Is the Law Enforcement Divorce Rate? 

It is a common myth that police officers have an unusually high divorce rate. As common as this misconception may be, there are no statistics to support this. In fact, the divorce rate among police officers has been declining since the 1990s! In a study titled “A comparison of law enforcement divorce rates with those of other occupations” written by Michael Aamodt and Shawn McCoy, it has been proven that In the large category of law enforcement (which included occupations within the law enforcement field,) divorce and separations were 2% lower than the national average.1

More About Disqualification Appeals 

So what are the struggles of dating a police officer? There are many, but like any relationship, they could be overcome. We are a legal service that is dedicated to helping our clients with their NYPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification from the NYPD. These are usually an impediment to those that want to accomplish their goals of becoming police officers in the New York Police Department. Contact us today to learn more about our NYPD character disqualification appeals and NYPD medical disqualification appeals. 


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