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Do Police Get Time to Workout?

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How Can a Police Officer Workout? 

It should be no surprise to anyone that the police officers in the NYPD need to have certain physical standards to perform their job well. If you are looking into joining a police force such as the NYPD soon, you may be wondering if it is possible for you to maintain your physical shape during normal times of the day or if you can possibly workout during a shift. As an NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer that is experienced with the NYPD and the correct way to go about police work, our legal practice could give you the rundown on the correct times that you could workout. Continue reading below to learn more about police officer workouts from the offices of an experienced police disqualification attorney. 

How Can I Maintain the Physical Requirement for Police? 

It is important to make time throughout the day to get some exercise to maintain the physical standards that are required to be a police officer. It should be no surprise that the physical demands of the job do not begin and end with whatever you need to do to pass during the time at the police academy. A standard police officer workout should be conducted so that NYPD police officers do not experience problems like heart attacks, back injuries, and other complications related to stress and depression, which are not uncommon in police work. We also recommend that you try your best to stay as physically active as possible before you begin police work, as not being fit could result in an NYPD medical disqualification. 

What Are the Fitness Standards for Police Officers? 

Police officers should try their best to maintain themselves close to the physical standards that they were required to attain to become police officers in the first place. The physical requirements for fitness to avoid an NYPD proposed disqualification include being able to do exercises like a barrier surmount, stair climb, pursuit run, and physical restraint simulation. These exercises need to be performed in about four minutes and 28 seconds without stopping. Make sure that you regularly test yourself with these police officer workout exercises to ensure that your physical fitness is up to par with the standards of the NYPD and that you never fall behind. 

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

We are a legal practice that is dedicated to helping our clients overcome their disqualification from the NYPD thanks to the help of our experienced disqualification appeal attorney, Robert B. Kronenberg. If you or anyone you know has been barred from attendance in the NYPD thanks to a medical disqualification, character disqualification, or psychological disqualification, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our NYPD character disqualification appeals, psychological disqualification appeals, and medical disqualification appeals.

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