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What Are Female Police Officer Hair Regulations?

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Female Police Officer Hair Regulations

Part of becoming a police officer is upholding the community’s standards as protectors. The standards include physical appearance, which entails more than just fitness. Officers must keep a professional appearance, especially while on duty. Part of what our NYPD disqualifications appeal lawyer wants to help with is for you to understand what to expect when joining the NYPD. 

Below we will go through acceptable hair lengths and styles for female officers. 

Hair Length Policy

For women officers, really all officers, hair must be neatly trimmed and shaped in a way that fits the uniform cap. Officers may not wear their hair down if the length goes past the collar.

Female Cop Hairstyles

The most common hairstyle seen is a low-slicked-back bun that allows officers to wear their uniform caps if and when needed. Different styles or accommodations may be addressed on a case-by-case basis, such as for officers who have long hair for religious reasons. Dyed hair must be within the natural color range and must be professional in appearance.

A question often asked is, “can cops have long hair?” Styles like long ponytails can be grabbed by arrestees and inmates, making them unsafe. If an officer is pulled by their hair and overpowered, then their firearm can be taken. In jails, if inmates overpower an officer, the officer can be taken hostage. Potential threats such as these are why it is recommended to keep hair short or pulled into a bun to keep the officer safer on the job. 

More About Disqualification Appeals

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