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How Can You Become A Cop After the Military in The NYPD

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Can You Become a Cop After the Military? 

If you are in the military and you are considering what your career prospects could be after the service, it might be a good idea to consider joining the police force. The police force is a very rewarding career for people that are accustomed to the military because many of the same skills and qualifications are easily transferable. Below, our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer and former NYPD member detail how people that were previously in the military could benefit from joining the NYPD. So can you become a cop after the military? We answer this question and other related questions below. 

Examining The Transfer from Military to Police Officer 

Put simply, yes you could become a police officer after military service. To best contextualize the transfer from the military to the NYPD, it would be best to start planning early. If you are an active service member, it might be a good idea to start planning your career path as early as possible because career shifts are notoriously difficult. 

You should also consider any paperwork required for your application and prepare for any tests that you may be required to complete. That includes the verification of military experience and training form. Also, you may be required to pass an NYPD exam that tests your physical and mental ability. 

 One of the most common roadblocks that an NYPD candidate experiences when they want to join the force is an NYPD disqualification. If you see that you need assistance with your NYPD disqualification appeal, partnering with an experienced lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure your appeal process goes smoothly is to partner with an experienced and specialized attorney.

Does Military Rank Transfer To Police? 

No, military rank does not transfer to the police. However, it will make you more likely to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Military candidates are looked upon favorably because they have previously served the United States. 

More About Disqualification Appeals 

Aside from answering the question: how can you become a cop after the military? We assist people in a variety of different ways. We are a legal service that helps prospective members of the NYPD fight their notice of NYPD proposed disqualification. Whether that is an NYPD psychological disqualification, medical disqualification appeals, or character disqualification, our legal service is here to help. Contact us today to learn more. 

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