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How Easy is to Get Fired from the NYPD?

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What Does It Take To Get Fired From the NYPD? 

Since NYPD police officers hold such an important position in society, it is expected they perform their duties with the highest standards. You may be wondering how easy it is for police officers to get fired from their position if you’re considering joining the NYPD. As an experienced NYPD disqualification appeals lawyer, Robert B. Kronenberg knows all about the inner workings of the NYPD and is here to answer your questions. Continue below to learn more from an experienced police disqualification attorney. 

What Is the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board? 

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is an independent agency designed to receive, investigate, mediate, and recommend actions against New York City Police Officers that are alleged to have used excessive force, abuse their authority, or use offensive language towards citizens. This review board is one of the most pertinent factors in determining the disciplinary actions that the NYPD will take on police officers who have committed infractions. Much of the same reasons for a civilian complaint, can be seen in a common character disqualification. Click here to learn more about character disqualification appeals. 

What Are the Kinds of NYPD Discipline? 

When it comes to getting fired from the NYPD and NYPD discipline, there are different kinds of disciplines with varying severity. These are Charges and Specifications, Command Disciplines, and Instructions. The most severe discipline is known as Charges and Specifications. These are recommended for the most serious allegations or offenses. With these kinds of allegations, police officers could lose vacation days, be suspended, or even be fired from the NYPD. 

As for command disciplines, this level of discipline is reserved for infractions that are more severe than those having to do with poor training, but not as severe as Charges and Specifications. 

Lastly, the least severe discipline is known as Instructions or Formalized Training. This level of discipline is for officers that have misunderstood a policy or something minor. After receiving one of these, officers are recommended to undergo training at a command level or police academy. 

More About Disqualification Appeals 

Disqualification Appeals New York is a law office that has experience helping police candidates that have received disqualifications fight them so they could realize their dream of becoming an NYPD police officer. The disqualifications are divided into NYPD character disqualifications, psychological disqualifications, and medical disqualifications. If you want to join the NYPD but need to overcome the roadblock of a psychological, medical, or character disqualification, do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our psychological disqualification appeals for Nassau County Police Department or  NYPD Psychological Disqualification Appeals. 

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