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How to Become an NYPD Homicide Detective

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How to Become a Homicide Detective in the NYPD

Being a homicide detective in the NYPD is an interesting career choice for many because it is the closest thing that someone could achieve to being like the police officers they regularly see on television and popular media. NYPD detectives have experienced police officers that are usually tasked with investigating crimes and putting together the puzzle of the crime that they are presented with. If you are interested in learning how to become a homicide detective, our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer can give you some insights into achieving this goal. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Are the Intrinsic Requirements for NYPD Detective Work? 

Learning how to become a homicide detective in the NYPD requires you to understand all the intrinsic characteristics you will need. Detectives need to have strong physical, mental, and analytic capabilities. The job of a detective is stressful, and detectives need to be prepared to work long hours and be under incredible pressure. Being alert on long shifts is one of the most demanding parts of the job. Also, officers need to show exemplary performance to be considered for promotion to detective. 

How Do You Become an NYPD Detective? 

Once you understand all the capabilities that NYPD officers need to have to become a detective, you will need to understand what the process of becoming one entails. After applying for the police force and passing the NYPD exam, you will be required to perform your duties for at least five years as a uniformed patrol. However, to get past the first steps of the process, which requires acceptance into the police academy, you will have to avoid any form of NYPD disqualification. We could assist you with fighting your NYPD psychological disqualification, character disqualification, or medical disqualification. 

Aside from the longevity needed to receive consideration for detective work, you will need to be exceptional at your job while you make your desire to become a detective known. After passing from regular patrol work to detective, you will need to be a general assignment detective for several years before you’re considered for more specialized detective work. 

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

Aside from detailing how to become a homicide detective, our legal practice is dedicated to helping NYPD candidates fight their NYPD proposed disqualification. These could arise from any perceived flaws in your psychological background, physical condition, or character. Contact us today to learn more about our medical disqualification appeals, psychological disqualification appeals, and character disqualification appeals. 

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