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How to Prepare for an NYPD Psychological Interview

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Preparing for Your NYPD Psychological Interview

Your psychological interview is a crucial step in pursuing your career as a police officer. This interview allows the hiring law enforcement agencies to determine whether the applicant can handle the unique stresses that come with being a police officer. Like most police departments, the NYPD requires that applicants complete a psychological evaluation. Below, our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer details the best ways you could prepare for this interview so that your chances of acing your NYPD interview and becoming an NYPD police officer are higher. 

How to Prepare for The Written NYPD Psych Test 

The written NYPD psych test consists of the NYPD overseeing a test that contains hundreds of questions. This portion of the psychological test precedes the oral part of the test and usually touches on aspects of the candidate’s previous life like education, work, driving, and criminal history. A crucial part of the NYPD psychological interview is ensuring that the candidate’s answers are consistent throughout the testing process. Usually, the person in charge of the NYPD psychological interview will ask the candidate to clarify some answers given in the written portion of the exam in the following oral interview. Our character disqualification appeals lawyer notes that honesty is the best policy in this case because it could be easy to forget what your responses were for such a long exam. 

How to Prepare for the NYPD Oral Psych Interview

Some helpful tips for preparing for the psychological interview portion of the NYPD application process are very similar to any other interview that applicants may have. We recommend that you try your best to show up on time and dress appropriately. When you arrive at the psychological interview, our police disqualification attorney recommends that you address the mental health professional by “Doctor” and show them the appropriate amount of respect they deserve. 

Also, applicants should be ready to answer some tougher questions that challenge or repeat previous answers so that the interviewer can catch them off guard. To be better prepared for this scenario, we recommend that you be as forthcoming and honest as possible with your answers, so you are not backpedaling or wondering what your previous answers were. 

About Our NYPD Disqualification Appeals

An NYPD candidate will need a disqualification appeal if they discover that they have been disqualified based on their psychological makeup, physical fitness, or other character issues. Sometimes, candidates could be subject to a psychological disqualification after their NYPD psychological interview. That is when they should count on the assistance of a psychological disqualification appeals lawyer like Robert B. Kronenberg. Aside from psychological disqualification appeals, our lawyer also assists disqualified candidates with NYPD character disqualifications and medical disqualification appeals. 

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