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How to Prepare for the NYPD Physical Exam

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The NYPD Physical Exam 

As one of America’s finest police departments, the NYPD requires that its applicants meet strict physical requirements. If you are one of the many that are interested in joining the NYPD, you are going to need to understand what is expected of you when you begin your application. The NYPD physical exam is one of the factors that result in disqualification for candidates, which may result in the need for a medical disqualification appeal. To learn more about how to pass the physical exam, feel free to learn more from our disqualification appeal attorney below. 

How to Prepare for the NYPD Fitness Requirements 

The NYPD’s physical fitness exam is called the Job Standard Test. To prepare for the NYPD’s fitness exam, you will need to begin training yourself by performing cardiovascular exercises and high-intensity interval training. These kinds of exercise regimens allow you to get accustomed to being out of breath and your body needing more oxygen and blood to function during exercise. Also, high-intensity interval training enables candidates to develop the upper body strength to complete other portions of the Job Standard Test that call for it. Our police disqualification attorney would also like to point out that a crucial part of passing the NYPD physical exam is overcoming the mental obstacles that present themselves during the exam. To become more mentally prepared to face this task, we recommend that you practice mental exercises like meditation and visualization to ease any anxiety that may present itself come the exam. 

More About the Job Standard Test 

The Job Standard Test consists of six stations that must be completed in four minutes and 28 seconds without stopping. The six stations consist of a barrier surmount, stair climb, physical restraint simulation, pursuit run, victim rescue, and trigger pull. These exercises are designed to test if a candidate can handle the most stressful situations that they will encounter when given a radio call. 

More About Disqualification Appeals 

Headed by a tested police disqualification attorney, Disqualification Appeals New York is a legal practice dedicated to helping NYPD candidates that have been disqualified based on their medical history, character, or medical background on their NYPD application. We specialize in NYPD character disqualification appeals, psychological disqualification appeals, and NYPD medical disqualification appeals so that candidates can realize their dream of becoming police officers. Contact us today to learn more. 

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