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Can You Become A Cop At 35?

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Is 35 Too Old to Become a Cop?

While age may feel like just a number, to those who are still physically capable of handling the job, there is still an age requirement to apply to the police force. Each department may have a different standard or age limit to become a cop than others, so check with the department you want to work with.

Disqualification Appeals knows that for the New York Police Department (NYPD), the minimum age of appointment is 21 years old. Candidates are eligible to take the Entrance Exam at 17 ½ years old, though. Older candidates must register for the Entrance Exam prior to their 35th birthday. So, is 35 too old to become a cop? Keep reading to find out more. 

How Old Can You Be to Be a Police Officer?

Every police department will have a different minimum and maximum age to become a police officer per state or city. Some departments, like in San Diego and Philadelphia, don’t have a maximum age limit for potential recruits. There are other departments, like Fort Worth, TX, which cap their recruits at the age of 45 years old. Like the NYPD, the maximum age for Rhode Island is 35 years old. When applying to be a police recruit, candidates should take into consideration that most department retirement ages are fixed at 65 years old. The age you are hired at means a lot less than your physical capabilities, which is why you should learn the fitness standards for police officers

There are additional requirements for being hired. While some departments might not have a maximum age to become a police officer, they still might not encourage older applicants with little to no experience. Experience is important to agencies, plus it could give you the edge over younger recruits. It’s critical to use your wisdom and experience to your advantage.

Other things to consider as an older applicant:

  • The academy is mandatory, and you don’t get paid. Make Sure you are financially stable enough to handle it. 
  • You are starting at the bottom of the ladder. If you have held higher positions before the academy, then starting that low may bruise the ego, so be prepared.
  • Consider the retirement age. If you are starting older, then check the maximum retirement age. Your current age may affect your ability to get the full benefits of your pension at retirement.

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