Most Common Police Officer Disqualifications

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Someone may join the NYPD for various reasons, such as a desire to serve and protect their community, a sense of pride in being part of a respected law enforcement agency, the opportunity for personal and professional growth, or a passion for justice and making a positive impact on society. However, if you plan on joining such a prestigious organization, there may be some roadblocks that impede you from achieving your goals. There are many different kinds of police officer disqualifications that you need to be aware of, and our NYPD appeal lawyer’s office here details some of the most common ones. Continue reading below to learn more. 

Police Background Check Disqualifiers

Our NYPD psychological disqualification appeal lawyer is here to make sure that you understand that some NYPD disqualifications are based on what is uncovered during a background check. During a background check, a candidate’s criminal record, history of drug or alcohol abuse, serious financial problems or debts, poor credit history, previous misconduct or discipline in law enforcement, false information on the application, or failing the physical fitness or psychological evaluations are uncovered. These make up the most common police officer disqualifications that are discovered through a background check.   

Can You Be a Cop With a Felony? 

In most cases, a felony conviction disqualifies an individual from becoming a police officer. However, this can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of felony conviction. Some departments may consider applicants with a felony conviction if it was a non-violent or minor offense, and if enough time has passed since the conviction without any subsequent criminal activity. Our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer would like to point out that the NYPD generally does not allow candidates that have felony convictions to become police officers because these are generally in line with dishonesty and violence. 

What Disqualifies You From Being a Police Officer? 

Aside from legal trouble, there are many other factors that disqualify candidates from police work. While it is much more difficult to successfully appeal a disqualification based on criminal history and legal trouble, these are generally easier to appeal. A detailed list is shown below: 

  • Poor driving record: A poor driving record, including multiple traffic violations or a DUI conviction, may disqualify someone from becoming a police officer.
  • Drug use: Past or current drug use may disqualify someone from becoming a police officer, depending on the type and frequency of drug use.
  • Poor credit history: A poor credit history may indicate a lack of responsibility or poor judgment, which could disqualify someone from becoming a police officer.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as heart conditions or severe allergies, may disqualify someone from becoming a police officer.
  • Psychological or emotional issues: Certain psychological or emotional issues, such as severe anxiety or depression, may disqualify someone from becoming a police officer.
  • Physical fitness: Police officers need to be in good physical shape to perform their duties, so if someone is unable to meet the physical fitness requirements, they may be disqualified from becoming a police officer.

Our professionals are here to make sure that you have the best legal representation when it comes to fighting these disqualifications. 

More About Disqualification Appeals New York

When it comes to fighting police officer disqualifications, our practice is the best option for you. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about our NYPD psychological disqualification appeal, NYPD medical disqualification appeals, and NYPD character disqualification appeals. 


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