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A career in Nassau County, New York’s Police Department, can be a rewarding experience, both monetarily and morally. Police officers preserve the health and safety of the individuals in Nassau County and uphold the community’s laws. As compensation for this rewarding, but, at times, high-risk position, Nassau County Police Officers are given an attractive salary and benefits package, along with opportunities for advancement. 

As the office of a disqualification appeal attorney in the state of New York, we wanted to inform candidates, who are considering applying to join the Nassau County Police Department for these financial and career benefits, what they can expect.


What Is the Salary of a Nassau County Police Officer?

At the time of writing this, the starting salary for a police officer is $35,000. The salary amount offered may differ when accounting for past experience and other factors.

Salaries increase as the officer spends more time on the force. After nine years of service, the average salary of a Nassau County officer is $121,659. 

In addition to salary increases over time, the department provides education incentive pay for officers to finish their degree if they have not already done so. 


What Health Benefits Do Nassau County Police Officers Receive?

Police officers have various health care plans available to choose from, including dental and vision benefits.


Other Benefits Available

Personal Time Off

On top of the salary and health benefits, Nassau County Police Officers receive added benefits. For one, officers receive 10 paid holidays in their first two years, which increases to 12 days after two years of employment. Additionally, officers are given 15 days of vacation time a year, which increases to 30 days after 15 years of employment. Officers are also given 18 sick days a year, which increases to 26 days after completing one year of employment, plus they are given 5 personal days per year. 

Retirement Benefits

All Nassau County Police Officers are able to enter a tax-deferred savings plan and a 20-year contributory pension plan. 

Career Advancements 

The Nassau County Police Department emphasizes the importance of promoting from within. As a result, there is always room for advancement. Officers are given the opportunity to apply for promotions to positions such as detective lieutenants, detective sergeants, and emergency services unit officers. These positions carry higher salaries and additional benefits. 

Applying to the Nassau County Police Department

During the application process for the Nassau County Police Department, the department may disqualify candidates for psychological, medical, or character reasons. At our law office, we provide candidates with the opportunity to appeal these decisions, offering expert NYPD medical disqualification appeals, NYPD character disqualification appeals, and NYPD psychological disqualification appeals

If you or someone you know has been disqualified from the New York Police Department or Nassau County Police Department, contact us today to begin an appeal process to reverse the disqualification. 


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