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NYPD Aviation Unit

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About The NYPD Aviation Unit

One of the most exciting aspects of joining a large police force like the NYPD is the fact that they tend to have many resources that allow for police officers to take part in special units and activities that many other police departments do not have access to. For the NYPD, this means that police officers could be part of scuba units, football teams, hockey teams, and even aviation units. The NYPD aviation unit is especially attractive for police officers that have a passion for flying or want to explore something new in their career. In the following article, our police disqualification lawyer will detail what members of the NYPD could expect from this unit. Continue reading for more. 

What to Expect From NYPD Aviation 

The NYPD aviation unit is mostly responsible for aerial patrols, rescues at sea, and pursuit missions. In other words, they are responsible for keeping people safe on the ground through the air. Most of the missions that the unit goes on are composed of search and rescue missions along with patrol missions. However, it is not entirely uncommon for this unit to take part in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Mobile Airborne Radiological Surveys (MARS), firefighting missions (Bambi Bucket operations and air recon for the Fire Department), medevac operations, and air support for large-scale events and high-profile visits to NYC. The aircraft that they use are typically composed of helicopters, but they also use airplanes. 

How Many Helicopters Does the NYPD Have? 

Helicopters are the aircraft that this unit typically uses. There are currently 8 helicopters in the fleet, with different models for different kinds of missions. The different kinds of NYPD helicopters in the fleet are detailed below: 


  • Bell 429 Global Ranger – These are the most popular types of helicopters in the fleet and are mostly used for patrol missions. These are used by military and police forces around the world in countries like Australia and Canada. 
  • Bell 412 EP – These are smaller than the Bell 429 and are mostly used for missions like search and rescue missions because they are more nimble and maneuverable. 
  • Bell 407 – This is the smallest helicopter in the fleet and is mostly used for training.

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