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NYPD Ceremonial Unit

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A Look Into the NYPD Ceremonial Unit 

The NYPD is one of the most decorated and historically relevant police departments in the world. This means that there are plenty of ceremonies that offer a special take on the tradition that accompanies such a storied institution.

One of the units that are designed to honor the tradition of the New York Police department is the NYPD ceremonial unit. As an experienced NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer’s office, we are experienced in all things that concern the police department, even the ceremonial units that continue to honor the history of the department. Continue reading below to learn more about some of the most important facets of this unit. 

The NYPD Bagpipe Unit

This section of the NYPD ceremonial unit was created to honor the Irish background and tradition of the police department. This unit, officially named NYPD Pipes and Drums, was first formed in 1960. It is a mainstay at the St. Patrick’s day parade.

The band is so successful that it has played for important figures like Popes and past Presidents. In fact, it was most famously performed in the 2017 Presidential Inaugural Ceremony for Donald Trump. They mostly play drums and bagpipes since these are most associated with Irish culture. 

The NYPD Marching Band 

The NYPD marching band is perhaps the most popular of all the musical ensembles that the NYPD offers. Their participation is organized by the NYPD Ceremonial Unit and is known to participate in ceremonies and parades around the world. Originally formed in 1991, it is a mainstay in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There are many ensembles that form the NYPD marching band, including the following: 

  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Steel Drum Ensemble

How Do I Join an NYPD Band? 

To first join an NYPD band like the NYPD mourning band, you will need to be accepted into the NYPD. This can be made difficult for people because they are often disqualified from participating based on their character, psychological makeup, or medical conditions. Our NYPD disqualification appeals service is here to make sure that you gain entrance to the NYPD Academy so you can take your first step towards joining the NYPD ceremonial unit. After being accepted into the NYPD, you will have to demonstrate your dedication to the police force before being in consideration for the position. 

More About Disqualification Appeals New York

We are a legal practice that is dedicated to helping our clients gain entrance into the New York Police Academy. If you have applied to the NYPD and received your NYPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification, we could assist you today with our NYPD psychological disqualification appeal, NYPD character disqualification appeal, and NYPD medical disqualification appeal. Contact us today to learn more.

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