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What Is the NYPD Collision Investigation Squad?

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Car crashes occur frequently in New York due to the high population density and bustling urban environment. On average, there are tens of thousands of crashes annually, with variations based on factors like weather, traffic volume, and road conditions. The complex network of roads, pedestrians, and vehicles increases the likelihood of collisions. The city’s efforts to enhance road safety, including traffic regulations, public awareness campaigns, and infrastructure improvements, aim to mitigate the frequency of accidents. One of the most popular ways that accidents of this manner could be prevented and mitigated is thanks to the NYPD collision investigation squad. Continue reading below to learn more from our NYPD appeal lawyer. 

What Does NYPD Traffic Enforcement Do? 

The NYPD Traffic Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing traffic laws and regulations in New York City and is also an important part of NYPD traffic enforcement. Their tasks include monitoring and managing traffic flow, issuing parking and traffic violation citations, towing illegally parked vehicles, and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers. New York City experiences many events and emergencies that need traffic enforcement. During these events, the traffic enforcement division investigates traffic accidents and responds to incidents involving blocked roadways or disabled vehicles. By enforcing traffic rules, they contribute to reducing congestion, preventing accidents, and maintaining orderly urban mobility.

A collision investigation squad is a specialized unit responsible for investigating serious and fatal motor vehicle collisions in New York City. These collisions often involve significant injuries or fatalities and require in-depth analysis to determine the causes and contributing factors. CIS officers use advanced techniques such as accident reconstruction, vehicle inspections, and data analysis to piece together the events leading to the collision. 

How to Join the NYPD Motor Vehicle Collisions Unit

To join the NYPD Collision Investigation Squad (CIS), fulfill prerequisites by being an NYPD officer with requisite experience. Display interest and aptitude in accident analysis through training and certifications. Watch for internal CIS postings. Apply following provided instructions, which may involve submitting an application and undergoing an interview. Upon selection, complete specialized collision investigation training. 

However, to complete the first step, you will need to be accepted into the NYPD academy. Many candidates need to overcome some kind of disqualification to be included in the academy. The most common disqualifications include psychological disqualifications, character disqualifications, and medical disqualifications. Our NYPD appeal lawyer is one of the most experienced lawyers in the industry, and we are dedicated to helping people achieve their dream careers by appealing their disqualification and allowing them to enter the police academy so they could achieve the first step in becoming a part of the motor vehicle collisions unit. 

More About Disqualification Appeals New York

If you are interested in becoming an NYPD traffic agent, Disqualification Appeals is here to assist you by helping you overcome your disqualifications. We hope we were able to give you valuable insight on the NYPD collision investigation squad. Our full suite of services includes NYPD medical disqualification appeals, NYPD psychological disqualification appeals, and NYPD character disqualification appeals. Schedule an appointment with our professionals today to learn more about our NYPD psych disqualification appeals. 

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