NYPD Ranking Structure

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If you are interested in joining the NYPD, you will naturally be wondering what the ranking structure is like and be curious about your career path if you choose to go forward with a burgeoning career with the New York Police Department. The good news is that the NYPD ranking structure is generally comprehensive and easy to follow. Our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer is here to make sure that you understand what this entails and how you could reach the rank that you wish to achieve when you choose to be part of the New York Police Department.  If you are interested in the NYPD ranking structure and NYPD detective rank structure, be sure to continue reading below to learn more. 

NYPD Rank Structure

The NYPD rank structure is divided between detectives, captains, sergeants, and lieutenants. These ranks are ordered from lower in the hierarchy to highest in the hierarchy. Each member of these ranks will perform different duties thanks to their job description. A short description of each rank and what exactly they do could be seen below: 


The detectives in the NYPD are those of lower ranks and their duties vary based on what kind of unit they are assigned to. For example, a narcotics detective’s daily routine is different from a murder detective’s. No matter the kind of unit they are assigned to, they will perform different kinds of investigative work. This work usually consists of interviewing suspects and witnesses, conducting surveillance, collecting evidence, completing reports, and even making arrests. The detective is a promotion after serving as a patrolling officer for several years. 


In this portion of the NYPD ranks structure, the lieutenant is in a more supervisory position. A lieutenant in the NYPD supervises the day-to-day work of a bureau, squad, or unit. Having a supervisory role means that he or she has to evaluate the work of officers and review the concerns of them as it pertains to their regular duties. These members of the NYPD ranking structure make personnel changes and even coordinate crime scenes and secure evidence.


An NYPD captain works as the commander of a precinct, unit, or bureau. In this role, captains need to ensure that officers are performing their duties properly. Captains are responsible for investigating and reporting on their subordinates as it pertains to making sure that they perform their duties correctly. This is a more administrative role, and as such will receive special assignments and responsibilities that have to do with meetings and reviewing paperwork. 

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