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What Do NYPD Divers Do? 

As one of the largest and most complex cities in the world, New York City calls for an extensive and complete police force. New York City has large areas where it is surrounded by water. In fact, the NYPD scuba team presides over 500 miles around and under the waters of urban New York City. If you are interested in joining the New York City Police Department’s scuba unit, you will need to learn as much about them as possible. In the following article, Disqualification Appeals New York will go into further detail about NYPD divers, the requirements needed to be one, and what to expect. Continue reading below for more. 

Making the NYPD Scuba Team – Prerequisites 

Joining the NYPD scuba team is not as easy as it may seem on the surface. First of all, NYPD divers need to complete two years of street patrol experience before being considered for this duty. After exceptionally serving on the regular street patrol and being accepted for this duty, members need to make sure that they maintain their bodies and keep them in peak shape before and during the time that they form part of the NYPD scuba team. 

What Do Police Scuba Divers Do? 

Police scuba divers in the NYPD perform dive missions throughout the five boroughs of New York City. They surveil pipes, sewers, and the extensive river systems that call the city home. Members of the scuba team need to be ready to navigate hostile and dirty environments filled with muddy water, debris, toxins, ice, cold water, and strong currents. Their regular duties involve finding evidence like weapons that have been thrown in the North Atlantic Ocean or Hudson River, along with performing some search and rescue missions. 

NYPD Physical Test and Requirements for Becoming a Diver

Since becoming an NYPD diver is physically demanding and strenuous, there are physical requirements that must be met before being accepted into duty. Candidates must be able to do a minimum of 12 pull-ups, 32 pushups, 75 sitting tucks, run a mile in under seven minutes, swim 500 yards in under 12 minutes, tread water for 3 minutes, swim 25 yards in water with a 10-pound weight belt, and perform a 15-minute survival float. Aside from this, they must also be proficient in maintaining and repairing equipment. This is necessary because the nature of their responsibilities calls for technical knowledge and dexterity with a number of tools and equipment that could be heavy or difficult to handle.


The physical requirements of becoming NYPD divers mean that they need to be aware of the possibility of a medical disqualification, which disqualifies candidates from service based on medical problems. Our NYPD medical disqualification appeal service is here to make sure that you can combat this kind of NYPD disqualification. 

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People who are interested in becoming NYPD divers or want to learn how to become a diver for the police will want to combat any NYPD proposed disqualification that may have come their way. We are dedicated to helping our customers with any disqualification from joining the NYPD they have encountered. Contact us today to learn more about NYPD psychological disqualification appealsNYPD character disqualification appeals, for how to pass an NYPD exam. 

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