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NYPD Sports Teams

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One of the main benefits of working in a large police department like the NYPD is the fact that there are many external activities and organizations that members of the police force can join. Being involved in an organization like the NYPD gives its members various opportunities to represent the organization that protects the city. One of the most popular external activities that members of the police force can look into involves sports and the wide collection of NYPD sports teams.

These sports teams give members of the force an opportunity to practice hobbies that call their attention while socializing with other members of the police force or members of different organizations or departments. If you are interested in joining the NYPD and some NYPD sports teams that involve NYPD charity efforts, our NYPD disqualification lawyer is here to help in the following article. Continue reading below to learn more. 

NYPD Football Team

The most popular sport in the United States is football, and the NYPD is proud to have a team that competes in this sport. The NYPD football team was founded in the early 1970s after a police officer got into an argument with a fireman about which department had the better football players. Fast forward to modern times, and the NYPD football team now plays five or six games a season across the world. Some of the locations that the football team has played in include London, Ireland, Miami, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, and Houston.

One of the best aspects of the football team is that it takes advantage of its popularity to raise money for charity. Through the football team, over one million dollars has been raised and donated to various charities like the United Way, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and many others. 

The team, also known as The Finest, joined the National Public Safety Football League. This league is composed of public service agencies from around the country. As a representative organization of the New York Police Department, The Finest makes an effort to be active in the community by supplying free tickets to games, providing lunches, autographing photos, and interacting with children. This strengthens the bond within the community, which is a top consideration for police departments everywhere. 

NYPD Hockey Team

For those that are interested in hockey, a great external activity for them to enjoy is the NYPD hockey team. This hockey team has an ongoing rivalry with the FDNY. This results in some very interesting rivalry games whose proceeds go to charity. The hockey team plays some of its games in the UBS Arena, which is the home of the New York Islanders. There have been 47 hockey games between the FDNY and NYPD, with 26 wins for the fire department, 18 for the NYPD, and 3 ties.

NYPD Cycling Team

As one of the many sports teams that the NYPD represents, the NYPD cycling team is known to perform in many marathons and events for charity as well. This is a popular NYPD sports team because the bike patrol is also one of the most popular sub-divisions of the NYPD.

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