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NYPD Strategic Response Group

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About the NYPD Strategic Response Group 

As an experienced NYPD disqualification appeals legal practice, we have plenty of exposure to the different facets of the police department and what special units experienced candidates can choose to be part of. These include the NYPD canine unit, NYPD hazmat unit, and the NYPD strategic response group. The strategic response group was formed in 2015 and is known for being extremely quick to intervene in difficult situations. If you are interested in joining this unit, our NYPD disqualification legal practice is here to give more details on what you can expect. Continue reading for more information. 

What Is a Strategic Response Group? 

A strategic response group is a police unit that typically assists a police operation through rapid mobilization and effective policing methods. Aside from moving quickly, strategic response groups provide strength in numbers. This typically works best for counter-terrorist operations, parades, and large diplomatic or political events. Strategic response groups are also used for standard patrols in neighborhoods with significantly high crime or one that is experiencing a significant spike in crime. Strategic response groups also have much more powerful weapons like ballistic helmets, M4 carbines, and riot shields. 


A similar unit to a strategic response group is the NYPD anti-gun unit. The anti-gun unit is focused on making sure that the streets of New York are free of firearms. The anti-gun unit shares many of the same goals as the strategic response group because they are focused on public safety. They use similar methods because of their effectiveness. 

Strategic Response Group vs. NYPD Emergency Service Unit 

Like the NYPD emergency service unit, the NYPD strategic response group is housed within the NYPD Special Operation Bureau. The other units within this bureau are the harbor patrol, mounted patrol, and the aviation unit. Perhaps one of the most significant differences between the two units is the gear and vehicles that they use. The emergency service unit has a much more varied use of vehicles. These include rescue trucks, radio emergency patrol trucks, mobile generators, jet skis, and zodiac inflatable boats. On the other hand, the strategic response group usually operates 119 Ford police interceptor utility SUVs. 

More About Disqualification Appeals

We are a legal practice that is dedicated to assisting people to overcome their NYPD proposed disqualifications and achieve their goals of becoming NYPD officers. Our legal assistance is here to make sure that you successfully appeal your NYPD medical disqualifications, NYPD psychological disqualification, and NYPD character disqualification. If you have been served with any of these disqualifications, it is best to count on the assistance from experienced legal professionals. Contact us today to learn more about appealing psychological disqualifications, medical disqualifications, and character disqualifications.

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