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NYPD Vision Requirements

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What Are the NYPD Vision Requirements? 

Those who believe that they have poor vision and are interested in joining the NYPD will want to discover if they are qualified candidates for joining the police force. Obviously, a police officer candidate will need to have good vision to be part of the NYPD. But what are the concrete NYPD vision requirements? In the following article, our NYPD disqualification appeals offices will examine what these requirements are. Continue reading below to learn more from our police disqualification attorney. 

The NYPD Vision Test 

The NYPD vision requirements, according to the vision test that they conduct, state that a candidate’s vision must be 20/20 or better corrected and at least 20/40 or better uncorrected. Each eye will be tested separately to determine how good the candidate’s vision is. Candidates must also pass a color vision test to be considered for inclusion in the NYPD. If you believe that you have been incorrectly determined as unfit for duty because of your vision through an NYPD proposed disqualification, it may be time to consider the assistance from a medical disqualification appeals lawyer.


You will also need to have a normal range in your peripheral vision. It impacts reaction times and situational awareness during regular policing duties. 

Can You Be a Police Officer With Glasses in the NYPD? 

Yes, police officers in the NYPD could wear glasses, but the corrected vision must be at least 20/40 when corrected. However, glasses could become troublesome to wear when in the field because they could fall or get damaged while doing regular tasks. Our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer notes that contact lenses may be a better solution for those with poor vision since they have a lesser chance of falling off or getting in the way of regular duties. If you do not pass the NYPD vision requirements without equipment like glasses and contacts, contacts or Lasik surgery are your best option. 

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

Aside from helping our readers and potential customers answer questions like, “can police officers wear glasses,” our legal practice helps those that have been disqualified from police work, appeal their NYPD proposed disqualification so they could enter the police force. A disqualification occurs when a candidate is deemed medically unfit, to have flaws in their character (NYPD character disqualification), or psychologically unfit. Contact us today to learn more about NYPD vision requirements, character disqualification appeals, or psychological disqualification appeals. 


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