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Popular Police Terminology

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Police Terminology List 

Some of the most popular images that policing and police work conjure is of police officers communicating with each other through radios with a specific set of terminology and acronyms that only members of the police force understand. These come from having to communicate with each other rapidly through radio communications. Whether this is to denote a drunk driver, gang member, or fellow police officer, there are many different terms that a prospective police officer should be aware of. 

Continue reading below to learn more, thanks to the following police terminology list from Disqualification Appeals. 

What Is a Criminal in Police Slang? 

There are many ways that police officers use their own terminology or slang to describe people who are behaving outside of the law. Some of the most common terms that police use describe someone involved in criminal activity.

One of the most common is the term “flip a sign,” which is a means of communication that criminals use that involves hand gestures or sign language. Aside from this, perhaps the most common is the term “person of interest,” which is used to describe someone who has knowledge or even involvement in a criminal investigation. Another one that police officers typically use is “player.” This one is used to describe someone who could distinguish subjects from uninvolved acquaintances or bystanders. 

What Is a Rip in Police Terms? 

Since police officers deal with a variety of different crimes, there are plenty of terms that are used to describe crimes. One of the most common ones that police officers use is “rip.” In the NYPD, this could mean two different things. This could refer to the Robbery Investigation Program or could be a slang term for a reprimand or punishment. The Robbery Investigation Program was created to help solve robberies with the assistance of plain-clothed police officers. The other meaning of the word “rip” was more used to describe when a police officer received a correction for some form of minor misconduct like smoking a cigarette while in uniform or any other minor infraction.

What Are the Most Famous Police Words – What Is the GOA Police Term? 

Some of the most famous police words are those that are commonly portrayed in popular movies or TV shows. These could be “187,” which describes a homicide, or “wagon,” which describes a police van. Below, you can find a police terminology list of the most famous or common ones. 

  • Dogworthy – This is used to describe a situation that a police officer deems that a K-9 is necessary
  • BOLO – Acronym for “be on the lookout”
  • California stop – When someone does not stop at a stop sign completely 
  • Eyeball – To view or observe
  • Get Small – To disappear
  • GOA – Gone on arrival

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals 

Aside from providing the above police terminology list, we can assist you in many other ways. Disqualification Appeals is a legal practice in New York that is dedicated to helping people who have been disqualified from service through an NYPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification realize their dreams of becoming police officers. Our NYPD Disqualification Appeals lawyer is ready to assist you, thanks to our NYPD psychological disqualification appeal, NYPD character disqualification, and NYPD medical disqualification. Contact us today to learn more.

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