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Prospective Police Officers and Social Media

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What You Should Know About Police Officers and Social Media 

In the modern age, connecting with family and friends and sharing snippets of your life is easier than ever before. If you are considering joining the police force, then it may be time to examine the impact that your social media presence will have on your application and your career.  This is especially true for a career like law enforcement, where someone holds significant power over their fellow citizens. In the following article, Robert B. Kronenberg will examine the relationship that prospective police officers and social media should have. Continue reading below to learn more from the offices of an experienced police disqualification attorney. 

Can NYPD Police Officers Have Social Media? 

Police officers are allowed to have personal social media profiles. However, there are some limitations to the content that they could post on them. Police officers are not allowed to post any details of ongoing investigations on their profiles and should be extremely careful to not post photos or videos that could portray the Department in a negative light. This could result in disciplinary action, so our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer recommends that police officers do not post anything that could jeopardize the image of the NYPD on their social media profiles. 

How Social Media Affects Police Officer Applicants

Unfortunately for NYPD applicants, their social media profiles are likely to be scrutinized by the NYPD. Social media profiles are a somewhat accurate representation of one’s character, no matter how you feel about it. Further, depending on how negative your social media profiles are, they could be a factor in your ensuing NYPD character disqualification. Prospective police officers need to make sure that their social media profiles reflect their character in the most positive light so they look like attractive candidates to the NYPD. 

More About Disqualification Appeals 

Robert B. Kronenberg is an experienced NYPD disqualification appeals lawyer. Disqualifications like the ones that could arise from a poor social media presence often represent a roadblock in the careers of prospective NYPD officers. If you have been disqualified from police work thanks to a character, medical, or psychological disqualification appeal, you could count on the assistance of an NYPD Psychological disqualification appeals lawyer. Contact Disqualification Appeals New York today to learn more. 

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