Requirements to Apply for the Nassau County Police Department

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What are the Requirements for the Nassau County Police Deparment?

The role of a police officer in Nassau County, New York, is a respected and vital position, serving the community at large. As one would expect, with the level of responsibility attached to this role, there are several requirements that a candidate must meet to be considered. As a law office specializing in disqualification appeals in the state of New York, we are very familiar with these requirements and wish to share with police officer candidates what the Nassau County Police Department application requirements entail. 

Personal Requirements 

Age Requirements

Candidates must be a minimum of 17 years old at the time of taking the written test and cannot be older than 35. Individuals who have served in the military, or terminal leave, may subtract this time from their age, for up to six years, if they are older than 35. For example, a 40-year-old who has served in the Army for eight years would qualify to apply until they are 41 years old. 

Required Documentation and Status

Candidates must be United States citizens and possess a valid New York driver’s license at the time of appointment. 

Residential Status Requirements

A candidate wishing to become a Nassau County Police Officer must be a legal resident of either Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, or one of the five boroughs of New York City at the time of appointment. Candidates and police officers must maintain their legal residency in one of these counties for the length of their employment. 

Educational Requirements

Candidates must have completed a minimum of 32 college credits. A college degree is not required for applicants. If an applicant has not yet completed 32 college credits but is eligible in all other areas of candidacy, they will be placed onto the eligible appointment list and will become eligible once 32 college credits have been completed. 

Disqualifications for Nassau County Police Department Applicants

If applicants meet all these requirements by the Nassau County Police Department and all tests and exams are passed, disqualifications for individuals may occur for three distinct reasons. The department may reject candidates for medical disqualifications, psychological disqualifications, and/or character disqualifications. These disqualifications would occur after the department has reviewed the applicant’s medical, psychological, and character screenings. 

It is important to note that while these disqualifications would prevent applicants from joining the department, the applicants have the right to appeal them.

Infographic detailing applying to the Nassau County Police Department

Appealing Disqualification Appeals

To prevent incorrect disqualifications and to allow applicants the opportunity to defend themselves, police departments permit candidates to appeal their disqualifications. Applicants are notified about their disqualifications by letter and can begin their appeal process after receiving such a letter. Our office, led by attorney Robert B. Kronenberg, has experience representing wrongfully disqualified candidates.

As well as currently operating as an attorney in the state of New York since 2005, Robert B. Kronenberg has held the position of New York City Police Captain and has personal experience both in representing police candidates, as well as being one. If you, or someone you know, has received a letter of disqualification from the Nassau County Police Department, the New York City Police Department, or the New York City Department of Corrections, contact us today to begin your appeal process. 

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