What Are the Benefits of Becoming an NYPD Officer?

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The Benefits of Becoming an NYPD Officer

Becoming an officer of the New York Police Department means working to protect the wellbeing and safety of the eight and a half million New York City residents. While demanding and containing high levels of risk, the job provides several benefits and advantages specific to the role. What benefits come with becoming an NYPD officer?

Disqualification appeals attorney Robert B. Kronenberg, with experience as a New York City Police Captain and currently representing wrongfully disqualified candidates, provides insights into the benefits of becoming an NYPD officer.

What Is the Starting Salary of an NYPD Officer?

The starting annual salary for an NYPD officer begins at $42,500. Wages and pay may be increased due to various factors, such as working on holidays and working overtime. The sample starting salary, however, is only the beginning of benefits and opportunities available to officers.

Additional Benefits 

As the risk and potential for injury are higher than average for this position, benefits are more substantial than most starting positions. Full salary and benefits begin early, going into effect on the first day of training at the police academy.

Health Benefits for NYPD Officers

NYPD officers are given unlimited paid sick leave. Additionally, officers can select from an assortment of various medical benefit packages, including vision, dental, and prescription coverage. 

Financial Benefits for NYPD Officers

In addition to health benefits, the NYPD offers various financial benefits for its employees. Officers receive a deferred compensation plan, a 401K, and I.R.A. Additionally, NYPD officers are added to an annuity fund and have the option for retirement at half their salary after 22 years of employment. Along with this retirement option, officers after retirement are also eligible for an annual variable supplement fund, which pays $12,000 a year. 

Educational Benefits for NYPD Officers

On top of medical and financial support, a career with the NYPD can provide educational opportunities. Completion of the police academy can earn officers up to 29 college credits. Additionally, many colleges and universities provide partial and some even offer full scholarships to NYPD officers. 

NYPD Benefits for Military Veterans 

Military veterans receive additional benefits due to their increased sacrifice and service. Upon starting their career with the NYPD, veterans can continue to earn G.I. benefits for their first two years as NYPD officers. Veterans can also utilize three of their years in the military to go towards their NYPD retirement benefits. 


In some instances, age restrictions can be waived as veterans can add four years to the maximum hiring age or up to a six-year increase if they have served during a war or national emergency. 


NYPD officers that are also active reservists are given an additional 30 paid military days a year. 

Joining the Force

If you or someone you know has been wrongfully disqualified from an NYPD officer position or Nassau County Police Department position, contact us today. Our office specializes in psychological disqualification appeals, medical disqualification appeals, and character disqualification appeals.


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