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What Are the Different Badges of the NYPD?

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When one thinks of a police officer, one of the first things that they associate with the profession is the different badges that they wear. There are few articles of clothing and uniforms that are as indicative of a police officer’s position in society and the police department as their badge. As an officer gains rank and begins to become more established in the police force, he or she will gain more recognition, and one of the ways that this is represented is by the different badges that they wear on their uniform. What are the different badges of the NYPD? The offices of our NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer explore more below. 

More About NYPD Police Badges

The NYPD is one of the most extensive police departments in the world, and as such have a variety of different badges that police officers could expect to receive once they have completed their duties efficiently. Commonly, known as “shields,” these badges are designed to be in different shapes. Police officers in the NYPD will start off with a basic silver design and later get more complex and gold designs as they become more accomplished. A police officer’s “shield” is very important to the police department, and losing it could result in losing up to ten days’ pay. 

NYPD Badges by Rank

There are many ranks in the NYPD, but not all of the different ranks carry different badge designs. For one, in the higher level ranks of the police department, the different ranks carry the same badge design, but with a different number of stars on the top of the badge. This is true for the following ranks: 

  • Police commissioner – 5 star 
  • First deputy commissioner – 4 star
  • Chief of Department – 4 star 
  • Deputy Commissioner – 3 star 
  • Bureau Chief – 3 star 
  • Assistant Chief – 2 star 


Some badges in the NYPD do not have stars. In fact, stars on top of badges are only seen at the highest level of the ranking structure. Most badges, like the NYPD detective badge, do not have stars, but they do have special insignias. The same is true for the lowest level of the ranking structure because recruit officers, probationary police officers, and police officers have similar badge designs. A more detailed look at the ranks and all of the badges of the NYPD could be seen below.

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