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What Disqualifies Applicants From the NYPD?

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Common NYPD Disqualifications

Applicants who want to become NYPD officers face a high bar for entry because they hold such an important role when hired. While this can be frustrating at first, it also means successful applicants will hold all of the benefits of being a public servant, along with competitive pay and a pension. Prospective NYPD officers need to know some factors that could potentially result in an NYPD disqualification so that they can be prepared to confront them or work to correct them. Below, Mr. Robert. B. Kronenberg, an experienced disqualification appeal attorney, examines some of the most pertinent factors that may lead to an NYPD disqualification. 

What are Popular NYPD Disqualifications? 

NYPD disqualifications occur when the NYPD believes that an applicant should be disqualified based on their medical history (medical disqualification), psychological history (psychological disqualification), or character (character disqualification). 

A disqualification based on medical history usually occurs thanks to a facet of an applicant’s health that hinders their ability to perform the regular duties of an NYPD officer. These could be pulmonary issues, physical disabilities, not meeting weight requirements, and more. An applicant who receives a medical disqualification is recommended to get a second opinion from another medical professional before or during the medical disqualification appeal process. 

Another kind of disqualification that applicants typically receive is psychological disqualification. Police officers are under immense pressure, especially in a jurisdiction such as New York, so applicants need to be deemed psychologically fit to manage the pressure and anxiety that accompany the job. Public servants, including NYPD officers, undergo both oral and written assessments to determine if they are anxious, depressed, or exhibit poor judgment. When applicants feel that they need to start the psychological disqualification appeal process, they should get a second opinion from a professional and partner with a police disqualification attorney like Mr. Kronenberg. 

The final disqualification appeal that candidates should be aware of is an NYPD character disqualification. A character disqualification is based on the candidate’s arrest history, financial history, or driving history. Someone who has had their candidacy disqualified should look to undergo the process of a character disqualification appeal with the help of an experienced lawyer like Robert B. Kronenberg. 

Robert B. Kronenberg is an experienced NYPD disqualification appeal lawyer who is ready to help applicants appeal the decision to disqualify their application. Contact us today to learn more. 

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