What Can Disqualify You From the NYPD Gang Unit?

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The NYPD has to deal with a wide metropolitan area that has many diverse neighborhoods. Being in New York City, the police department will also have to deal with a full spectrum of the human experience  – from the most positive to the most negative. One of the facets that the NYPD has is its needing to deal with gangs and gang violence.  If you are interested in learning more about the NYPD gang unit, our NYPD disqualification legal practice is here to help you understand more about this unit of the police department. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Could Disqualify You From the NYPD Gang Intelligence Unit?

The gang intelligence unit is a demanding sector of the police force for many reasons. For one, officers in these units need to deal with varying degrees of dangerous street gangs that could have different amounts of guns and capabilities of violence. There could be long periods of mental and physical exertion that could lead to exhaustion – highlighting the need for police officers to be of the utmost physical and mental health. Before being let into the academy, prospective members that want to form part of the gang unit or the NYPD in general, need to pass a physical test, psychological test, and character screening. This allows the police department to determine whether or not the candidate is physically and mentally fit for police work. Those that do not meet this criterion will have to deal with an NYPD proposed disqualification. There are three different kinds of disqualifications: NYPD medical disqualifications, NYPD psychological disqualifications, and NYPD character disqualifications. These are given based on what the police department thinks the candidate is lacking. The first step in being part of the gang unit is to be initially accepted into the academy, which our legal practice assists people in doing. 

NYPD Gun Violence Suppression Unit

The NYPD gun violence suppression unit is very related to the gang unit and NYPD strategic response group in that they help deal with gun violence that tends to be centered in the inner city. Since gang violence and gun violence are inextricably linked, they also do a lot of work to assuage the hold that gang violence has on the city. If you would like to form part of this division, you will need to check many of the same boxes that the prospective members of the NYPD gang unit need to. 

More About Disqualification Appeals

We are a legal practice that is dedicated to making sure that our clients receive the representation they need to achieve the career that they desire. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients receive top-notch legal assistance because we understand more than anyone else that the NYPD needs the best candidates. We believe that an initial disqualification should not be grounds for never attaining a rewarding career in the police force. Contact us today to learn more about appealing a psychological disqualification or anything else that may interest you about the NYPD gang unit.

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