What Disqualifies NYPD Crossing Guards?

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One of the most important aspects of being part of the NYPD is helping residents of the city feel safe throughout their everyday lives. In a city that is as packed and traffic-jammed as New York City, having NYPD crossing guards and school safety agents makes everyone’s life that much safer. Like other areas of the New York Police Department, there are certain kinds of disqualifications that could impede someone from being a part of the crossing guard unit. If you are interested in learning more about this, do not hesitate to read below from an experienced NYPD disqualification legal practice. 

What Results In An NYPD Crossing Guard Disqualification? 

The crossing guard in the New York Police Department is actually a part-time position that comes with the personal sense of satisfaction that usually accompanies helping children be safe. These professionals also oversee and control the flow of traffic in and around the school to make sure that the roads are as safe as possible for people that are crossing the road. There are certain medical and physical requirements that need to be met if someone wants to become a crossing guard. To become a crossing guard, you do not need any education requirements but you will need to be able to understand and write English. Aside from this requirement, you will also need to pass a medical examination, character examination, and drug screening. After getting accepted, candidates need to spend six days in the police academy. Unfortunately, many people that want to become crossing guards will be disqualified because of their character or medical background. If this is the case for you or a loved one, we are ready to help you with our NYPD medical disqualification appeals and NYPD character disqualification appeals. 

Crossing Guard Vs. NYPD School Safety Officer

There are many NYPD candidates that feel passionate about ensuring the safety of children that attend school. Per the official NYPD website, NYPD school safety officers “provide security and ensure the safety of students, faculty, and visitors in the New York City Public School buildings and surrounding premises by patrolling and operating scanning equipment, verifying identity and escorting visitors and by challenging unauthorized personnel.” The requirements for being one of these agents are much more rigorous than a crossing guard because they need to meet the same medical and character requirements along with holding an NYC Special Patrolman status upon appointment and becoming certified as a NYC Special Patrolman within 3 months of appointment. However, both positions require a sense of community and passion for protection of the vulnerable. 

More About Disqualification Appeals

NYPD crossing guards are a crucial part of society and getting your children home from school safe. Disqualification Appeals is a legal practice that is dedicated to helping those that have been served with an NYPD notice of proposed disqualification achieve their career goals. Whether this is through NYPD character disqualification appeals, NYPD psychological disqualifications, and NYPD medical disqualifications, our legal service is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about appealing a psychological disqualification so that you could become an NYPD school safety agent or to join the other NYPD crossing guards.

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