What Is the NYPD’s Hiring Process Like?

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The New York Police Department is the largest law enforcement agency in the country. The size is understandable considering that they must serve and protect roughly eight and a half million New York City residents. If you are considering or actively applying to become a New York Police Officer, you may be wondering what the NYPD hiring process entails. 

With years of experience as a New York City Police Captain and current experience as a practicing disqualification appeals attorney, the office of Disqualification Appeals outlines what the hiring process of a New York Police Officer looks like.

What Are the Requirements for Submitting a New York City Police Officer Application

An applicant must meet several requirements to be considered for the position of New York City Police Officer. To begin, applicants must have acquired at least 60 credits at an accredited college or university and must have maintained a minimum of a 2.0-grade point average. The candidate must also be at least 21 years old, a New York City resident, and must possess a valid driver’s license in the State of New York. 

What the NYPD Hiring Process Involves

Written Entrance Test

The hiring process involves eight steps. The first portion of the application process involves a written test done by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. This test helps evaluate mental acuity in addition to how observant the applicant is and their cognitive ability.

Pre-Hire Interview

If the applicant passes the written entrance test, they proceed to a pre-hire interview. This interview is conducted by the Medical Division as it is a psychological screening.  

Medical Screening

Once the pre-hire interview concludes, the applicant undergoes a medical screening which tests, among other things, vision, height, weight, and hearing. The medical examination is an important part of the hiring process, and candidates must have satisfactory results to proceed. 

If you act promptly, you can challenge disqualification due to medical screening results with a medical disqualification appeal

Standardized Written Test

The standardized written test is a psychological screening for applicants. Like the medical screening, you can appeal disqualification resulting from failed psychological screening through the psychological disqualification appeal process.

Physical Test

The physical test, which includes things such as sit-ups, push-ups, and running, ensures that candidates can meet the physical requirements that come with the position. 

Verbal Interview

The verbal interview is used to narrow down qualified candidates further and test the applicant’s aptitude and knowledge.

Character Investigation

A character investigation is used for a character screening to see if one’s background and demeanor are the right fit for the position. You can appeal a character disqualification through the character disqualification appeals process.

Police Academy Training Program

Following the various assessments and interviews, the candidate must complete training with the Police Academy. Once training is completed, candidates can become New York City Police Officers and have completed the NYPD hiring process.

Appealing NYPD Disqualifications 

Disqualification Appeals Attorney Robert B. Kronenberg has experience representing and fighting for wrongfully disqualified applicants of the NYPD. If you or someone you know has been disqualified due to medical, character, or psychological reasons, contact our office for the best legal representation in New York. 

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