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Women in the NYPD

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Celebrating Mother’s Day: NYPD Female Officers 

As mother’s day approaches, Disqualification Appeals New York would like to highlight the history and importance of female officers in the police force. Since our primary goal is to ensure that potential NYPD candidates are happy with their careers and we understand that many candidates are also women, the office of our disqualification appeal attorney would like to point out the impact that these brave officers have had on our police force. If you are a mother and an NYPD officer or if your own mother has joined the force, we believe that this could be an interesting read for you. We go into more detail below. 

Who Was the First NYPD Female Detective?   

While NYPD female officers are certainly nothing new, they have been an important part of the NYPD since the late 1800s. The first female detective in the NYPD was Isabella Goodwin. She originally started as a low-paid prison guard, and then eventually made her way to becoming a detective after going undercover to solve a robbery. While the inclusion of Isabella Goodwin in the police force was rather groundbreaking at the time, in modern times, there are plenty of female officers that are employed by the NYPD. If you want to join the police force as a woman, you should understand what could lead to an NYPD disqualification or NYPD proposed disqualification. There are three kinds of disqualifications that will require NYPD disqualification appeals: NYPD medical disqualifications, NYPD character disqualifications, and psychological disqualifications. 

Female Leaders in Law Enforcement in the NYPD 

When it comes to the NYPD, there are plenty of opportunities for people to be thrust into positions of leadership and power. Recently, Keechant Sewell became the first female police commissioner. Chief Sewell was handed the incredible task of handling the nation’s largest police force in a troubling time post-covid. While achieving the rank of Chief is rather difficult, NYPD female officers could also aspire to become Lieutenants or Captains, which are also prestigious positions. 

More About NYPD Disqualification Appeals and Our Police Disqualification Appeal Attorney 

If you are a woman looking into joining the NYPD and you have faced a disqualification, you will need the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Robert B. Kronenberg, our experienced NYPD Disqualification Appeal lawyer, is here to assist you with whatever kind of assistance that you may need. That includes character disqualification appeals, medical disqualification appeals, and NYPD psychological disqualification appeals. Contact us today to learn more. 


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