What is a Character Disqualification Appeal?

Since police officers play such an essential part in modern society, the requirements to get accepted into the NYPD police academy are rigorous. Candidates must undergo a character evaluation, medical evaluation, and psychological evaluation to be accepted into the academy. Sometimes, an applicant that wishes to join the NYPD (New York City Police Department), NYCD (New York City Correction Department), or NCPD (Nassau County Police Department) passes the psychological and medical evaluation but falters on their character evaluation. Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq., specializes in character disqualification appeals, which work to reverse an agency’s decision to disqualify a candidate based on their character. 

What Is an NYPD Character Disqualification? 

This type of candidate disqualification occurs when an applicant that wishes to enter the NYPD is disqualified due to something that arises in their background check. The same kind of disqualification could occur to candidates that want to apply to other positions in public services in the state of New York. The reported issues could be anything from arrest, driving, employment, education, and even financial history. However, an NYPD proposed disqualification could be appealed to hopefully get a candidate back on track. 

How Can I Start My Character Disqualification Appeal? 

When a candidate initially learns of their disqualification, they should promptly contact a disqualification appeal attorney like Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq. At times, waiting to act can preclude your ability to appeal the decision. Most agencies, including the NYPD, NYCD, and NCPD, have short periods of time for you to submit an appeal.  A disqualification appeal and Nassau County Police Department typically take between fifteen (15) and thirty (30) days. 

Note that if you do not prevail in an administrative appeal to the disqualifying agency (the New York City Civil Service Commission and/or the Nassau County Civil Service Commission), then you can begin an Article 78 action in the appropriate New York State Supreme Court. According to Article 78, you may appeal a decision made by a municipality or government agency that you believe to be arbitrary and capricious. Typically, an Article 78 proceeding is an action commenced in a New York State Supreme Court to request the court's intervention to overturn the municipality's or governmental agency's decision. Additionally, the Article 78 proceeding can ask the court to order the municipality or governmental agency to perform a function that, by law, they are mandated to perform. 

Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq., specializes in character disqualification appeals and can help you appeal the character disqualification decision. As a former New York City Police Captain, he has the experience to provide the tough representation necessary to appeal your case. Also, as a police disqualification attorney, Mr. Kronenberg could help you with psychological disqualification appeals and medical disqualification appeals.  Whether you need a character disqualification appeal, psychological disqualification appeal, or an NYPD medical disqualification, you could count on Robert B. Kronenberg’s NYPD Disqualification Appeals office. Contact us today to learn more. 

If you are a candidate for a law enforcement civil service position experiencing a disqualification in the New York City Police Department (NYPD), New York City Correction Department (NYCD), NASSAU County Police Department (NCPD), or any law enforcement agencies, call the law office of Robert B. Kronenberg for the representation necessary for a disqualification appeal based on your individual case needs.

When faced with a character disqualification, you deserve to be treated with respect and to be represented by an experienced disqualification attorney. Contact us today at 631-234-4434.