Psychological Disqualification Appeals

Psychological Disqualification Appeals

Law enforcement positions in the state of New York can provide a rewarding work-life, both socially and financially. These positions require responsible and adept employees skilled in a variety of areas, with the ability to cope with high-pressure scenarios. As a result, the screening process for law enforcement positions is quite extensive. As a result, an applicant to the New York City Police Department (NYPD), New York City Correction Department (NYCD), Nassau County Police Department (NCPD), and other law enforcement agencies may be disqualified from candidacy for a law enforcement position from one or a combination of the psychological screening, character screening, and medical screening processes that must be completed by all applicants. Attorney Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq., former New York City Police Captain, specializes in psychological disqualification appeals and character and medical disqualification appeals for all law enforcement positions.

What Is a Psychological Disqualification? 

A psychological disqualification is an action taken against law enforcement civil service candidates by law enforcement agencies due to issues that arise during the psychological evaluation process. It in no way means that an applicant is psychologically unstable, just that the employment agency feels their psychological skill set does not line up with the requirements of the position. These screenings may disqualify a candidate for consideration; however, they can be appealed and overturned.

How to Appeal a Psychological Disqualification 

It is important to note that you can appeal all disqualifications for becoming a police officer or law enforcement agent. You will be notified of disqualification through email or a disqualification letter. You will need to respond within a short time frame with a disqualification appeal letter expressing your wish to appeal the decision. If you do not prevail in an administrative appeal to the disqualifying agency, the New York City Civil Service Commission, and/or the Nassau County Civil Service Commission, you can commence an Article 78 action in the appropriate New York State Supreme Court. Pursuant to Article 78, you may appeal a decision made by a municipality or government agency that you believe to be arbitrary and capricious. Typically, an Article 78 proceeding is an action commenced in a New York State Supreme Court to request the court's intervention to overturn the municipality's or governmental agency's decision. Additionally, the Article 78 proceeding can ask the court to order the municipality or governmental agency to perform a function that, by law, they are mandated to perform. 

Your best chance of successfully appealing a disqualification is to employ an attorney specializing in disqualification appeals law.  Attorney Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq. can help you determine if you have the basis to commence an Article 78 proceeding. Mr. Kronenberg provides the highest level of disqualification legal services to ensure that your psychological disqualification appeal is pursued as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Getting Started on Your Appeal Process

After receiving a psychological disqualification from a law enforcement agency, you’re advised to get the help you need as soon as possible. At times, waiting to take action can preclude your ability to appeal the decision. Most agencies, including the New York City Police Department, New York City Correction Department, and the Nassau County Police Department, have short periods of time for you to commence the appeal.  An NYPD psychological disqualification appeal and Nassau County Police Department typically between fifteen (15) and thirty (30) days. 

There are times when a psychological disqualification will lead to a hearing before the New York City Civil Service Commission. Mr. Kronenberg has many years of experience handling these hearings.

Attorney Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq., is a police disqualification appeal lawyer that can help you in the case of psychological disqualifications from law enforcement positions. Mr. Kronenberg works with psychologists who specialize in this area of forensic psychology to help appeal your psychological disqualification.

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If you are a candidate for a law enforcement civil service position experiencing a disqualification in the New York City Police Department (NYPD), New York City Correction Department (NYCD), NASSAU County Police Department (NCPD), or any law enforcement agencies, call the law office of Robert B. Kronenberg for the representation necessary for a disqualification appeal based on your individual case needs.

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